Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My ATG 714

So if you are a crafter like me you know what this is, but some of you who visit my site are not, so let me explain.
This is a ATG 714 gun and in simple terms it is a tape runner. This tape runner is a crafter's dream. It comes in a UGLY red color and if you know me well you know my color is purple! So I thought long and hard about buying this (not so attractive) tape runner. After seeing that you can use Krylon Fusion paint to paint plastic and other had success in doing so with the ATG I thought go for it. So, I purchased mine on Ebay along with two rolls of tape for a reasonable price. I then went to pick out my paint and my wonderful Dad painted it for me (Thanks Dad!!!) he is good at painting I'm not! FYI he said it was easy to do in case you want to try it.
I am still getting used to it because it's like no other tape runner I have ever used. Most tape runners are small and as you can see this one is not. Loading the tape was much easier than I had been told. I was worried about that, but after watching a Youtube video on how to I was all set.
The bling swirl, bows and letters come from Michaels. The letters are from American Crafts called Thickers they are really cool because the glitter is inside the puff up letters. This way I don't have to worry about the glitter coming off on my projects! The super cute bows, I found in the Wedding Section. The flower bling is from Archivers in the 1.99 section.
I know this is not one of my normal posts, so if you are not interested just skip this one. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is so neat. I love looking at your cards, but I would also love to see you blog more about other crafts, too.

  2. I LOVE your ATG's makeover!! It looks AWESOME!! Purple is ALSO one of my favorite colors!!

  3. Thanks ladies! To brenda I will try to post more "other" crafts and thanks for the suggestion! To Emma thanks for checking out my little blog!!! Congratulations on being a part of the My Pink Stamper Design Team, I loved your videos!


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