Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Shoe Card

This card all started with the ribbon. It's always the ribbon that gets you in trouble. ;o) I got this set of ribbon from the dollar spot in Target. In this set with four other styles was this one with the shoes. I though it would be so cute to make a card using my favorite item SHOES!! The more I thought about this ribbon I wondered what I was going to do with it. It hit me, my Forever Young Cricut cartridge has shoes. I then had to figure out how this was going to come together.

I started looking at my pattern paper and I found a set from American Crafts that had a set of four papers using the same colors just different patterns. I started looking at my ideas book and found a idea using four squares of paper as a background with a main square for the center.

Now, here comes the funny part of this card. I had been wanting a stamp set from Papertrey Ink called Green Thumb it had different sayings along with a cute strawberry which is why I wanted the set. I finally ordered the set along with other items not knowing it was going to have the perfect saying for this card. After making the card I needed a sentiment. I didn't like anything I had because after falling in love with this card I knew it needed to be just right. I remembered that stamp set had a garden boot and wondered if it had a saying about shoes. So I looked it up online because my order had not come in and it did have a saying and it fit the card perfectly. So as you can see a card was born and it all started with the trouble making ribbon. At least it only cost a dollar so I can't be too mad. :o)

Thanks for the comments keep them coming!

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