About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  Here is a little information about me. 

I started scrapbooking when my first nephew was born in 2003. I stop doing it shortly after when my life got a little busy. So when my second nephew was born in 2008 I knew I had to get my butt in gear…lol. The first thing I did was get a Cricut. I must say it was the best investment I have every made! The possibilities are endless with this machine and it is so easy to use! So with the help of my Cricut I went back and completed my first nephew's book from birth until three.  I then started a new scrapbook for my new nephew. Some of you may be wondering why you don't see more blog posts of their scrapbook pages.  I don't post their pages because without pictures a layout looks really plain and as all scrapbookers know the pictures are what tell the story.  So because of the world we live in today and my blog being public I refuse to post pictures of them for all to see.  

So, I hope you enjoy my blog and I am so pleased you decided to join me on this journey…

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